Monday, 29 December 2014

Honey from the Fens and some cold relief recipes

With the first of the seasonal colds doing the rounds, we thought we'd offer some cold remedies made from honey:

Honey and Cinnamon

Simply mix a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon with a teaspoon of honey and add to warm drinks, take straight from the spoon, spread on toast etc but take some every couple of hours. Both honey and cinnamon are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Lemon and Honey

Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with honey and warm water.

Ginger Honey and Lemon

Mix grated ginger with lemon and honey and brew a tea with boiling water.

And the proof that honey actually cures colds? Researchers from Jahrom University of Medical Science in Iran found that 2 ounces of honey a day significantly reduced cold symptoms and reduced the length of the common cold by up to 2 days!

Here at the Orchard Farm Shop we stock real Fenland honey ~ Bramblebee Honey. The beekeeper comes from a small village just a few miles from us and his bees are kept all around the area including orchards!

So come to our Fenland Farm Shop to stock up with some honey that will help keep those colds at bay this winter, and taste delicious too!

The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop
Redmoor Lane
PE14 0RN

Opening hours 10am-4pm daily

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Orchard Tea Room Wisbech featured in Lorena Hodgson 's "Hidden Gems" column for the Fenland Citizen

   "If you don't want to go into town at this time of year, then try the Orchard  Tea Rooms just off the A47 at the end of South Brink / Cromwell Road.

   They sell local produce, including vegetables, eggs, and apple juice, all locally grown, much from their own land.

   The stop there for tea and cake ... better than supermarket shopping!"

Written by Lorena Hodgson, Red Barn Creative published in Fenland Citizen on Dec 17th 2014

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Opening Times for The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop Wisbech

Christmas Opening - Closed 25th & 26th 
Open 27th – 31st 10am – 4pm 
Closed 1st Jan 2015
Open as usual thereafter

Monday, 1 December 2014

National Tree Week at The Orchard Tea Room and Farm Shop Wisbech

It's National Tree Week in the UK until Sunday 7th December, a week when the Tree Council encourages people to improve their neighbourhoods by planting trees.

National Tree Week started 40 years ago in 1975 to make Britain more tree-conscious, encourage tree planting and raise awareness of the importance of the proper care and maintenance of trees. Harold Wilson, Prime Minister at the time, planted a Holm Oak at Chequers and Margaret Thatcher, then Leader of the Opposition planted a Lime tree on land adjacent to Grendon St, NW6. Every British Prime Minister since then has responded to the invitation to plant a tree at Chequers during National Tree Week, with the exception, thus far, of the current incumbent, David Cameron.

Trees are obviously very important to us here at The Orchard, we grow them for their fruit, apples, pears and plums. They look fantastic from our tea room windows and they provide a  wonderful amenity to those of our customers who choose to take a walk in the orchard. Our dog owning customers in particular love the opportunity to take their canine friends for a stroll through the orchard.

Our orchard trees not only produce fantastically tasty fruit they also provide food and habitat to thousands of insects, mammals and birds, bryphophytes (mosses & liverworts), lichens, invertebrates and fungi many of which have high conservation priorities.

So this National Tree Week we'd like to invite you all, particularly local Fenland residents to come and take a walk in our orchard during opening times, 10am-4pm. We're just 300 yds from the A47, down Redmoor Lane, not far from Tesco really:

The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop
Redmoor Lane
PE14 0RN

If you'd like to learn how to care for fruit trees we're offering Apple Tree Pruning Courses in January and February next year, bookings are now being taken. Find out more by clicking Pruning Apple Trees Course

You can also sponsor one of our Bramley Apple Trees for 2015, we have two sponsorship options available, one with orchard visits and fruit and one for those who are unable to visit us. Find out more about our Bramley Apple Tree Sponsorship by clicking Sponsor a Bramley Apple Tree.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pruning apple trees course

Beginning in January 2015 we will be offering pruning apple tree courses here at The Orchard, Redmoor Fruit Farm, Redmoor Lane, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

This hands-on pruning course is held in our traditional 8 acre orchard with apple trees of various ages, from mature Bramleys between 50 and 100 years old to the youngest tree planted in 2014.

What will I learn?

You'll learn, through theory, demonstrations and practical hands-on experience the necessary skills and expertise to prune apple trees. The techniques you learn will enable you to care for young, newly planted trees, keep mature trees healthy and productive and to "renovate" old trees.

Who is the course for?

The pruning apple trees course is for anyone over 16 who wants to learn about pruning fruit trees. No previous experience is necessary. To get the best out of the course you will need to be physically able to have a go at pruning one of our trees under the guidance of your tutor, this can involve the use of ladders but doesn't have to as we have plenty of smaller trees that can be worked on from the ground.

The majority of the course will take place outside in the orchard so you'll need to be prepared for the weather by wearing outdoor clothes and bringing wellingtons and waterproofs in case of rain.

Course content

Meet at The Orchard Tea Room at 10am for a 10.30 start
Introductions over tea or coffee
A look at tools and equipment
Theory of pruning explained during practical demonstrations in the orchard
Lunch in our tea room: Delicious homemade soup & sandwich freshly prepared from local produce served with a pot of tea.
"have a go" at pruning under supervision
3.30pm tea and cake and the chance to ask as many questions as you like.


To prune trees you'll need a pair of good quality secateurs and a pruning saw, a pair of loppers are also useful. Please bring what you have along on the day.


The cost of the apple pruning course, including morning coffee, homemade lunch, tea and cake, is £60 per person.


7th January 2015
14th January 2015
21st January 2015
28th January 2015
4th February 2015
11th February 2015
18th February 2015
25th February 2015

Other dates available, including weekends, by special request, just ask.

Book a course

Booking is easy, simply email us your name, address, telephone number and email address along with your preferred date and we'll send you a confirmation email along with an invoice, we do ask for payment in advance.

Our Pruning Apple Trees Course makes a great gift

If you'd like to give our Pruning Apple Trees Course as a present please let us know in your email, upon receipt of payment we will send you a gift certificate for giving.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Marrow Chutney

One of our customers gave us a jar of this Marrow Chutney to try, it was delicious so we asked for the recipe to share with you all:

Marrow Chutney

2.5 kg marrow
1 kg red peppers
1 litre ketchup (passata )
200 ml vegetable oil
100 ml sugar
100 ml white vinegar
1 tsp salt

1. Peel and remove seeds from the marrow. Slice (0.5cm) and cut into chunks.
2. Cut de-seeded peppers into strips.
3. Mix marrow, peppers, ketchup, oil, sugar and salt in a pan. Put on mdeium heat and stir occasionally, until the marrow softens. Then add vinegar and cook for further 10 minutes.
4. Pour into prepared glass containers and cover with lids.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Fancy Dress ~ some ideas

Looking for ideas for our Halloween Fancy Dress Competition  at The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop, Wisbech ? We thought we'd give you a few ideas:

A pirate and his pals

A great Halloween mask for a monster / devil outfit

You can do wonders with face paint

Just look at these Dia de Meurtos (Day of the Dead) outfits

Clowns for a classic Halloween outfit that you can re-use for other Fancy Dress parties

Our Halloween Fancy Dress competition is on Friday 31st October  there's also a carved pumpkin competition and a Spooky Orchard Walk. Details here:

We have lots of pumpkins for sale in our Redmoor Lane farm shop, they're all shapes and sizes from tiny to GIANT so if you want a pumpkin for Halloween do come and see us.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Carved Halloween Pumpkins ~ some ideas

 With just one week to go before Halloween and our Carved Pumpkin Competition at The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop, Wisbech, we thought we'd share some pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern designs to give you inspiration.

Happy Face Pumpkin

Spooky Face Pumpkin

Odd Eyed Pumpkin Face

We have lots of pumpkins for sale in our Redmoor Lane farm shop, they're all shapes and sizes from tiny to GIANT so if you want a pumpkin for Halloween do come and see us.

And remember we have a fun Halloween planned for Friday 31st October with a fancy dress competition as well as the carved pumpkin competition and there's a Spooky Orchard Walk too. Details here:

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Art at The Orchard ~ Julie Parker Art Show at The Orchard Tea Room Wisbech

Have you seen Wisbech local artist, Julie Parker's collection of original illustrations and prints here at The Orchard yet?

Julie who obtained her art degree from University College Falmouth first passion is children's illustration and her  delightfully quirky illustrations are hand-rendered in ink and watercolour.

You'll find framed originals and mounted prints on display at 

Open daily 10-4. 

Halloween at The Orchard Redmoor Lane Wisbech Oct 31st 2014

Join us for a children's Halloween at The Orchard

Bring your Jack-o-Lanterns along for our Carved Pumpkin Competition 
to be judged by The Witches of the East

Dress up and enter our Children's Fancy Dress Competition
judged by The Witches of the East

Join The Devil on a Spooky Orchard Walk
who knows what you might see!

Refreshments available including Blood or Snot Soup

Halloween at The Orchard
Friday 31st October
4pm -6pm

Tea Room & Farm Shop open from 10am

£2.00 per child, adults free

All children must be accompanied by an 18+ adult, max 2 children per adult

For the Spooky walk: Please bring a torch, also if necessary, due to weather conditions, wellies and other wet weather gear

Except for cases of negligence or other breach of duty by the event organizer participants will be responsible and neither the event organizer nor its servants or its agents will be responsible for any loss, theft, injury or damage which results from attendance at and participation in any The Orchard event. This includes, but is not limited to; personal injury, mental or physical or death, loss, theft, injury or damage to vehicles their contents, fittings accessories, items of personal property. The event organizer does not seek to limit its liability in any way for  loss, theft, injury or damage to anypersonal injury or death caused either by the negligence of the event organizer or its servants or agents or by any act of omission of the event organizer or its servants or agents. The event organizer does not seek to limit its liability in any way for any loss, theft, injury or damage to personal property caused by the negligence of   the event organizer or its servants or agents.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Mushrooms (fungi) in the Orchard

The warm / wet Autumnal weather has been brilliant for fungi this year, the orchard would definitely be a great place to go on a mushroom hunt.

Super fun for the children to find and collect different types of fungi (wearing gloves of course), take them home and try and identify them with the help of a book and then take spore prints.

Our tea room and farm shop customers are very welcome to "hunt" mushrooms in the orchard during opening times and you never know you might just find

a fairy ring!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Apples for the birds

We've talked about feeding the birds before on this blog and we do sell wild bird seed mixes in the farm shop but do you know just how much birds love to eat apples.?

Take a look at this series of photographs showing a male Blackbird feeding his young.

If you'd like to feed the birds apples in your garden we now have large nets of "bird" apples for sale in the farm shop  on Redmoor Lane, Wisbech at only £1.00 a net.

Chickens, ducks, geese etc love them too.

 Not to mention horses & ponies, tortoises, monkeys, iguanas, peacocks and pigs...

And of course you can eat them yourself, juice them, make cider, chutney, apple pies, apple cakes....

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mr Fips Wonder Circus £2.00 off per person coupons for Wisbech shows

Mr Fips Wonder Circus is coming to town! 

Just up the road from our tea room on what is known as the Pink Tractor Field.

The circus will be in Wisbech from Wednesday the 22nd of October, until Sunday the 26th and we have some £2.00 off per person vouchers to give to our customers.

So come on down to The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop, Redmoor Lane, Wisbech, PE14 0RN and grab your £2.00 off per person voucher for Mr Fips Wonder Circus ~ quick before they all go!

And if you have children you might like to attend our own Halloween Event on Fri 31st Oct click
for more details 

The Complete Amateur Gardener by H.H. Thomas ~ Rainy day Vintage at The Orchard

Did you know that we have vintage (and other) books at The Orchard for you to peruse at your leisure. Borrow to read in the tea room or buy to take home. They do make lovely gifts for friends and family.

On a rainy day how about a spot of armchair gardening?

The Complete Amateur Gardener by H.H. Thomas

full of lovely illustrations and practical advice

Perfect to dip into whilst enjoying a lovely cup of coffee!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

10 Things about Halloween

October means pumpkins in the farm shop and of course Halloween so here's 10 things you may or may-not know about Halloween:

1. Did you know that the custom of trick or treating is believed to have developed from a medieval custom called souling?
 The poor would go from door to door asking for food in return for prayers for the dead.

2. And do you know why folk dress up for Halloween?
Why to fool the spirits that are wandering on All Hallow's Eve when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is said to be at it's thinnest.

3. Do you know the legend of the Jack O Lantern?
 Apparently Jack tricked the devil into agreeing never to collect his soul. Unfortunately for Jack when he died he wasn't allowed into Heaven and because of the agreement the Devil had made he wasn't allowed into hell either. Jack's spirit was left to wander the earth moaning about how dark it was. Someone took pity on Jack and tossed him a lump of glowing coal which he put into a hollowed out pumpkin which he now uses to light his way - especially on Halloween!

4. And did you know that large turnips (swedes, rutabaga) were once used to make Jack O Lanterns in the UK?
Pumkins were very much a North American crop but now they are very popular in the UK too and they make a far more dramatic, and easier to carve Jack O Lantern.

5. Do you know why orange and black are such popular Halloween colours?
Well orange is a symbol of strength and endurance and black symbolizes death and darkness. These two colours  symbolize the demarcations between life and death and as the veil between the living world and the world of the dead is said to be at it's thinnest during Halloween they have been adopted as Halloween colours.

And did you know that some people suffer from a Halloween phobia?
No me neither but they do and it's called Samhainophobia.

6. Do you know that Halloween is also known as Samhain?
Samhain is a Celtic festival, a pagan sabbat, that marks the end of harvest.

7. And did you know that Samhain / Halloween is also The Celtic New Year? 
In the old Celtic calendar the New Year began at sunset on Samhain.

8. Do you know that Halloween is the perfect time for scrying, trying to see the future?
There are many ancient Halloween traditions for trying to see into the future, especially for finding out who you are going to marry.

9. And did you know that Halloween is a time to honour  the dead?
Many cultures honour their dead and remember their ancestors at this time of year in a way we do it too with Remembrance Sunday in November.

And if you have children and are in the Wisbech area you might like to attend our own Halloween Event on Fri 31st Oct click
for more details 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

We're open for Heritage Open Day with Guided Tours of our Redmoor Lane Orchard

We're open for Heritage Open Days on Sunday 14th Sept with guided tours of our 100 year old apple orchard and apple juice tasting. Tours are at 10.30 and 2.30 and our tea room and farm shop will be open 10-4.

Find out more about Heritage Open Days by clicking here

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Art at The Orchard ~ A mini collection of original art works and prints by illustrator Julie Parker

We're delighted to be hosting an exhibition of original artwork and prints by talented local artist Julie Parker in The Orchard Tea Room this September.

Opening hours: 10am - 4pm daily.

Do come along and take a look at Julie's fantastic work.

A Monkey Hunt in the Orchard

Last weekend we had a monkey hunt in the orchard.

Participants  had to count the monkeys hidden along a monkey trail in the orchard, the toy monkeys were all donated by customers. Some were really well hidden and only 3 contestants got the right answer, but everyone won a prize.

Children also enjoyed the banana throwing competition!

Many thanks to everyone who donated monkeys, especially  Pam who searched high and low for toy monkeys for weeks in advance of the hunt, to those who assisted on the day and of course to everyone who turned out for the Monkey Hunt, it was a really super fun day.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Sunshine Centre for Therapeutic Riding 's Dog Show

On Sunday The Orchard was pleased to play host to The Sunshine Centre for Therapeutic Riding 's Dog Show.

 There were classes for everyone from puppies to veterans, companions to working terriers and all types of dogs in between including prettiest bitch and most handsome dog.

 There were so many lovely dogs there that the judges must have had a hard time choosing!

The weather was fabulous, warm and sunny, The Orchard proved the ideal venue for a dog show being able to provide our canine competitors with plenty of much needed shade under the apple trees.

Competitors and spectators alike had a lovely time and The Sunshine Centre for Therapeutic Riding raised £160.91 towards their activities.

  The Sunshine Centre for Therapeutic Riding CIC is a not for profit organisation that offers therapeutic riding and riding theraphies and pet assisted learning. They are the only practioners in the East of England accredited and registered to deliver Rupert Issacsons Horseboy method- Autism Camps and play days.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Open Farm Sunday 8th June

We're open for Open Farm Sunday with guided tours of our 100 year old apple orchard and apple juice tasting. Tours are at 10.30 and 2.30 and our tea room and farm shop will be open 10-4.

Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic project which has seen hundreds of farmers across the UK opening up their farm for one Sunday each year since 2006! It is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, young and old, to discover at first hand what it means to be a farmer.

Take time to listen to the birds, soak up the scenery and really get in touch with the land that feeds us. So come and feed your senses on Open Farm Sunday.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Charity Dog Show at The Orchard Tea Room 22nd June 2014

On the 22nd June we're playing host to The Sunshine Centre for Therapeutic Riding 's Dog Show in aid of Disability Sports Group and Bulldog rescue here at The Orchard, Redmoor Lane, Wisbech, PE14 0RN.
The tea room & farm shop will be open as usual.

Dog Show Schedule:

Judging Starts at 11 am (£2.00 per class)
First placed in each class to go through to best in show. Rosettes to 6th place.
Class 1 . Puppy class - Open to all Breeds , Judged in the same ring but split. Pedigree and Crossbred/Mongrel. ( 9 months and under)
Class 2. Open Veteran - ( 7 years and over) Class to be split and Judged small /large breeds.
Class 3 . Heinz 57 Best Mongrel .
Class 4 . Terrier (Open to pedigree breeds only) Judge Mr Paul Day Bramble Bee Border Terriers.
Class 5 . Working Terrier - ( Open to cross breeds only ) Judge Mr Paul Day Bramble Bee Border Terriers.
Class 6. Open Hound. Judge. Mrs Judy Ferbert.
Class 7 . Best Bull Breed .Judge. Mrs Martine Bye-Duke ,
Class 8. Best Companion .
Class 9 . Best Utility .
Class 10.Young Handlers . Judged 50% on obedience 50% Skill of Handler
( Handler under 14 years of age )
Class 11. Juniour Handlers . Judged 50% on obedience 50% Skill of Handler ( Handlers 14 - 16 years of age)
Classes 10 and 11 Dogs are required to Heel, sit and catch a ball.
Class 12. Best Rescue .
Class 13 . Prettiest Bitch.
Class 14. Most Handsome Dog.
Class 15 . Fancy Dress
Class 16 - Best In Show.
Award for Best Puppy and Best Veteran to also be awarded in this class.

For further details please contact Mel Tomlinson on Tel) 01366 380301 .07717553778 Text only.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter from The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop

Wishing you all a lovely Easter

We're open all weekend including Easter Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday. The orchard is now in blossom and very pretty, it can be seen from the tea room or you're welcome to take a walk through the trees. Dogs (on leads please) & children very welcome.

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Blossom Trail

Many years ago The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop orchard on Redmoor Lane was part of the Wisbech Blossom Trail. This was back in the days when Wisbech was surrounded by orchards and the Bramley apple was king making many a fruit grower's fortune. People would travel from far and wide to see the blossom.

Sadly those days have long gone and Wisbech has lost not only its' Blossom Trail but also most of the orchards featured on it.

But our little orchard survives and visitors are welcome to come and see the blossom. Eight acres of apples and plums on the outskirts of Wisbech down Redmoor Lane we're just a few 100 yards from the A47.

Our plum trees are in full blossom now and as you can see from the picture below the apple blossom will soon be out.

The blossom can be viewed from the comfort of our Tea Room or you can take a leisurely walk around part of the orchard that is open to customers.

To keep updated as to which trees are in blossom please follow us on Twitter @OrchardTeaRoom

Monday, 3 February 2014

Valentine's Tea at The Orchard Tea Room

Book now for a special tea at The Orchard Tea Room on Valentine's Day or over the Valentine's weekend.

Valentine's Day is the day to spoil the ones you love, so how about treating your loved ones to a scrumptious afternoon tea.

The Orchard Tea Room Afternoon Tea £9.95 per person
Selection of sandwiches
Scone with jam and freshly whipped cream
A selection of delicious cakes
All served with a pot of refreshing tea

The Valentine’s Tea is available on
 (Valentine’s day) Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February

To book please email: 
telephone 01945 475754

Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Power of Tea by William Ewart Gladstone

William Ewart Gladstone  (29 December 1809 – 19 May 1898) wrote about the power of tea in this poem:

"If you are cold,
tea will warm you.
If you are too heated,
it will cool you.
If you are depressed,
it will cheer you.
If you are excited,
it will calm you."

What do you think, do you agree with Gladstone or are you a coffee person?
(We do serve excellent coffee as well as tea!)

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

What our customers say about The Orchard Tea Room

We get some lovely comments in our visitors book and thought it was about time we shared some with you:

"Very nice T. shop, food & view. Best apple pie in years - good cuppa."~ Viv & Den, Whittlesey.

"A gem, a beautiful place, very friendly & kind, we'll be back!" ~ Leah & Anna, Bristol.

"Such generously filled sandwiches, delicious cakes and "come again" coffee with friends - Wonderful stop."~ John & Jenn, Kettering.

"Wonderful food always look forward to stopping on the way to the coast." ~ Diane, Quorn.

"Lovely atmosphere, tea & cake, will come again." ~ Des & Carolyn, Peterborough.

"1st visit but we will be back. Lovely cake & scones, nice setting & very good service." ~ Amanda & Wendy, March.

"Food, service & environment fantastic - warm & welcoming." ~ Tracy & Kim, Wisbech.

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