Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Art at The Orchard interview with photographers Gail & Ian Edrupt of Edrupt Photography

We're delighted that Gail and Ian of Edrupt Photography have agreed to do a little interview for the blog, they're exhibiting a range of their photographs here at The Orchard this June.

Please tell us a bit about yourselves Gail & Ian: 

Edrupt Photography are a husband and wife team who have a real passion for photography!

We are not professionals and have no photographic qualifications between us but what we do have is a good eye for composition, quick reflexes and  a love of being out in the wild, by the coast or anywhere
interesting and seeing what we can shoot (not literally!)

We are both very different when it comes to preferred subject matter and both bring something different and unique to the table….

Ian Edrupt

… loves wildlife especially on the Broads!  Ian has been going to the Broads for over 35 years and has eagle eyes when it comes to spotting the well camouflaged and fast reflexes to get those action shots.
He is also keen on night shooting using star light and iconic shapes such as windmills and sailing boats.

Gail Edrupt

… loves the `fun, funky & creative shots. With a love of people and occasions (I love a good wedding!) architecture and interesting close up shots showing attention to detail. Her camera is never far away…

Please tell us about your work? What are you currently working on?

Photography is not our profession it's our passion and great love, we both work full time in very different fields and have very demanding jobs.  From a photography perspective we are quite busy at the moment. A few weeks ago we took the photos at a local wedding, so currently Gail is editing and creatively putting together the portfolio for the Bride & Groom (she loves post editing) and we have another wedding in August so we will soon be visiting the venues in Spalding to start preparing and planning our day for that. Ian has been working on some 'smoothing' water techniques, a particular favourite of his and looking for some more interesting locations to take night shots. It's all go!

How did you decide to become photographers?

Gail –I have been taking photos since I was a teenager with my trusty SLR by my side in the days of film,  taking pictures for my Memory Box. My brother was a very keen photographer and had his own dark room so it was something we enjoyed together.

Ian – I am relatively new to it, I got interested in photography when I met Gail six years ago.  It is something we love to do together although we enjoy very different subject matters, we compliment each other well as a team.

What's the best advice you've been given as a photographer?

Gail – prepare, prepare, prepare! I am, by my very nature an organised person and I like my equipment organised, stored, cleaned etc. and for weddings and events I like to know the what, where, who and when in plenty of time!

Ian – I like to pick up my camera and just go!  I leave the organising to Gail!

What do you do when you are not creating?

Gail – I am naturally creative and for many years I have been a keen crafter and scrapper, making cards and scrapbook albums.  I do particularly like the post editing of photos and the really creative changes you can give to a shot.

Ian – I have been playing golf since I was 16, starting as a Golf Pro Apprentice back in Basildon. Currently a 6 handicap but working on getting it lower, I play County level for the `A` team at Tydd St Giles Golf Club.

What are your life and work goals for the future? 

We want to take great photos, the very best we can - simple as that! The aspiration for us is about working hard and enjoying life, being close to family and squeezing the most out of every moment of life and of course, making sure we creatively capture those moments!

You're exhibiting some of your photography here at The Orchard during June where else can we find your work? 

This is our first exhibition so we are very new to showing our work and we would love to do more of it.  We regularly post our photos on the Facebook sites; Love The Norfolk Broads, A Place For Photos and Norfolk Photographers.  We also regularly appear on the Richardson's Boating – Norfolk Broads Facebook site and have for the last 4 years had photos published in their main brochure for their boating holidays.

Website: Currently under construction
Facebook: Edruptphotography

Many thanks to Gail & Ian of Edrupt Photography for agreeing to be interviewed for The Orchard Tea Room and Farm Shop Blog. You can see their photographs throughout June, daily, 10am -4pm at

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