Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Signs of Spring at The Orchard Tea Room Wisbech

It's been a long winter so far,  much colder than the last few years and very, very wet but here we are in February and there are signs of Spring showing in the orchard.

Clumps of snowdrops ~ Galanthus under the apple trees.

Galanthus comes from the Greek gala for milk and anthos for flower thus Milk Flower also known as Candlemas Bells they've dedicated to the Virgin Mary and are considered  to be a symbol of hope and purity.

Our cherry trees are in bud ~ although it seems light years away now it won't be that long before we're enjoying cherry blossom again, not in the scheme of things anyway.

And look what's showing  ~ rhubarb. A few more weeks and it will be rhubarb crumble time!

It might still be cold, wet and muddy but that doesn't stop our intrepid customers from enjoying the occasional February blue skies and sunshine. Look closely at the picture above and you'll see a kite flying over the orchard, surely another sign of Spring.

And when it gets too cold outside it's wonderfully warm and cosy in the tea room.

The Orchard Tea Room
Redmoor Lane
PE14 0RN

Open daily 10am-4pm

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Old Twelfth Night & Wassailing The Orchard

As far as we're aware our Fenland orchard was first wassailed in  2016, it was done later in the year then but the traditional day for the  Wassailing of orchards is Old Twelfth Night. 

Bread is hung in the trees and a libation of cider poured at the roots, shots fired through the branches and much noise made by the banging of pots and pans this is said to ward off evil spirits and encourage the apple trees into growth. 

Old Apple Tree, we Wassail thee
and hope that thou will bear
Hats full, caps full ,three-bushel bags full 
and a little heap under the stair.
 Hip Hip Hooray 

(Old Twelfth Night, 17th January, how come?

It's all to do with the change from the Julian to Gregorian Calendar in 1752 which resulted in the loss of 11 days with September 2nd being  followed by September 14th. There were huge protests and many folk refused to follow the new calendar.)

The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop
Redmoor Lane
PE14 0RN

Open 10-4 daily 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Fieldfare in The Orchard

We have flocks of visiting Fieldfare in the orchard and luckily for customers they can currently be seen swooping across the green between trees from the tea room windows.

These wonderful birds, members of the Thrush family, visit us from Scandinavia each winter to feast upon our fallen apples. We're very lucky to see so many Fieldfare, Turdis pilaris, as they are an endangered bird being on the red list for UK conservation concerns which means that they are a species that require urgent conservation. 

Fieldfare will stay in the orchard throughout the winter, as long as there are apples for them to eat, before returning to Scandinavia around April time.

Be sure to visit us soon so you don't miss out on this wonderful sight.

Open 10-4 daily 

The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop
Redmoor Lane
PE14 0RN

(First pic not ours, the other two are, credit

Friday, 12 January 2018

New Year New Art at The Orchard

We have an eclectic mix for January 2018 Art at The Orchard consisting of paintings by local artists


who have both exhibited in our tea room before.

And for something completely different we have 

wooden items from The WoodWitch
designed and made by husband and wife team Wayne and Rosemary Ladeja using reclaimed wood.

Open 10-4 daily throughout January

The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop
Redmoor Lane
PE14 0RN

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Wreath Workshop Saturday 16th December

This Saturday we have a Christmas wreath workshop here at The Orchard Tea Room, Wisbech.

Your tutor is qualified florist Mel Tomlinson who will demonstrate how to make your own wreath and guide you through the process as you make your own. All materials are included in the price which includes coffee, or tea, and mince pies.

Price £18 ~ Proceeds go to The Sunshine Centre for Therapeutic Riding

Tickets are via Paypal selecting friends & family option and put your name in the comments section.

Further details or to ask a question please visit The Sunshine Centre for Therapeutic Riding FB page

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Art at The Orchard ~ Happy Apples A Print Exhibition by Julie Parker ~ October 2017

We're absolutely delighted to welcome illustrator Julie Parker back to The Orchard with a brand new print exhibition "Happy Apples".

Julie has been having annual exhibitions here at The Orchard since 2014. In fact Julie Parker was the very first artist to exhibit her art in our tea room and we love to see her quirky characters decorating our walls.

Open 10-4 daily throughout October

Happy Apples
A Print Exhibition
By Illustrator Julie Parker 

The Orchard Tea Room & Farm Shop
Redmoor Lane
PE14 0RN

Monday, 7 August 2017

Apple Strudel from Austria ~ Recipe

We're happy to share this genuine Austrian family recipe for apple strudel given to us by one of our lovely customers:


7ozs sifted flour
1 egg lightly beaten
1 tablespoon oil
Pinch of salt
Roughly 3ozs (1/3 cup) of water

Knead until silky, let rest for 30 minutes, roll out SUPER THIN.


6 apples chopped
Cinnamon & sugar

Put cloth on work surface
Baste dough with melted butter
Cover 2/3 of dough with apple filling & roll into strudle
Fold sides of dough over filling put rolled apple strudel into a casserole dish, baste with melted butter again & bake on 200 deg C for 10 minutes

Mix 1/8L milk with vanilla sugar & pour over apple strudel ~ back into oven for 19 minutes.