Saturday, 17 October 2015

Art at The Orchard interview with October artist Julie Parker

We're delighted that artist Julie Parker has agreed to do a little interview for the blog, she's exhibiting a selection of her prints here at The Orchard Tea Room during October.

About Julie
"I was born on a cold icy morning, November 1983. I have always had a passion for illustration and art. As a child I would spend hours telling stories to my lovely cuddly toys through chalk drawings on the pavement! Of course times have changed and one can't always walk around with a giant piece of chalk wedged into their jeans, so now I use pencil and paper.
Since completing my degree at University College Falmouth, previously known as Falmouth College of Arts, I have been working on various illustration commissions, fine art and crafts. I love it! I'm super bubbly, love to travel, explore and express."

Julie please tell us about your work?  What are you currently working on?
oooo well I am currently working on a selection of super spooky Halloween stickers for a sticker app company called 'Papelook' based in Tokyo. I work in watercolor, pen and ink on large boards on an old retro wooden desk in my art studio...surrounded by yummy floor raisins, a heard of different buggys and blue glitter that has escaped the toddler craft draw..... 

How did you decide to become an artist? 
Goodness that's a tricky one, I guess I never really 'decided' to become an artist... art sort of came to me and I found a bond with the expression and love of color and humour that I could create.

What's the best advice you've been given as an artist?
"take 5 minutes, eat a bourbon, and come back to it." so true and i do love a good bourbon!

 What do you do when you are not creating?
I am a full time mummy to a little 23 month old toddler, Zachary. In between all those mummy things: like crispy, crunchy walks to the park, conker collecting or teddy tea parties (with yummy fircone pie): I do love to put my feet up and drink herbal tea (because I'm pregnant again and my feet are quite fat now!)

 What are your work and life goals for the future?
Awwww future dreams. Well I would love to one day open a gallery with a little shop..... But for now I am preparing to launch a shiny NEW webshop. Perfect for all your arty shopping needs! Coming soooooon (1st Novemeber 2015)

Julie you are exhibiting some of your prints here at The Orchard this October where else can we find your work?

Many thanks to Julie Parker for agreeing to be interviewed for The Orchard Tea Room and Farm Shop Blog. You can see her art all month daily 10am -4pm at

The Orchard Tea Room and Farm Shop
Redmoor Lane
PE14 0RN

Telephone: 07527 046184
Website: Twitter: @OrchardTeaRoom Facebook: The Orchard Tea Room

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